Michigan private detective investigations
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Michigan Private Investigators

michigan private investigatorsEye Spy Private Detective Agency of Michigan provides the highest quality Michigan private detective investigation services to serve your specific needs. We're a full service Investigation Agency licensed by the Michigan State Police and fully insured. Our highly trained and certified private investigators specialize in all areas of investigation for your personal or business needs whether it is locally in Metro Detroit or across Michigan.

Most of our private investigators are experienced police detectives, with many years of experience. Others are college graduates with degrees ranging from Criminal Justice to Finance. All are highly experienced in investigations, and are subject to strict training requirements. We have corporate attorneys on staff at all times for legal advice.

Our certified investigators provide courtroom quality evidence and documentation of their investigations to provide seamless evidence and are extensively trained and updated as to emerging trends and advances in investigative technology to better serve your investigative needs.

Michigan Private Detective & Investigation Services

We conduct private investigation services in the following areas for Michigan. Click a link in our menu to find out more.

Michigan divorce investigations

In the unfortunate event of a Michigan divorce, Eye Spy Private Detective Agency conducts background investigations that fill the void with vital factual information.

Michigan child custody

Eye Spy Private Detective Agency will work with you to collect evidence that will help you in your Michigan child custody situation. Find out who will be in contact with your child other than the parent.

background checks

Our background investigation checks can help you find valuable background information.

pre-marital investigations

This type of investigation is quickly gaining popularity due to the new fad of on-line dating services. Protect yourself before making that commitment.

pre-employment screening

It is very common for an employer to conduct a background check of all candidates for new hire. We can find out valuable information on your potential new or existing employees.

corporate investigations

Business theft investigations require experience and creativity to solve and resolve these unfortunate situations. Eye Spy Private Detective Agency can help.

missing persons

The missing person search seeks to locate parties who may or may not want to be found. The missing person search is used to find long lost friends, lovers, and relatives. We can assist you in finding missing persons.

undercover investigations

Theft, drug use, vandalism and other acts of misconduct are obstacles businesses often encounter. Eye Spy Private Detective Agency's versatile investigators covertly work with your employees to gain their trust and obtain the vital information you need.

criminal investigations

Eye Spy Private Detective Agency finds the facts and information through diligent detective work and an unlimited supply of resources. Eye Spy Private Detective Agency has successfully solved many cases previously thought to be unsolvable or abandoned by law enforcement.

hard to find info

Eye Spy can help you locate hard to find info including: locating person / skip tracing, vehicle information, asset location, phone information and more.


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