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Michigan Private Investigator Cheating Spouse Cases

Date: June 30, 2009
Author: Michael Torrice

Below are some examples of some cheating spouse cases we have solved in Michigan:

1. A man from Michigan hired us to follow his girlfriend. He suspected that his girlfriend was cheating on him for many months. They lived together and she would always come home late. The client wanted to marry her, but he was having second thoughts. He needed to get proof that his girlfriend was a cheater, before he could take action. We setup a surveillance using a GPS tracker to assist us in our investigation. We followed the woman from her place of employment and sure enough, we found her meeting up with another man in a parking lot. We took video of what the two of them were doing in his vehicle. Once the client saw this video, he had the proof he needed to move on with his life.

2. A woman hired us because she suspected her husband of ten years of infidelity. He was changing his habits and began to neglect to tell her his whereabouts. We discovered through several days of surveillance that he actually had an apartment that he rented for another woman. This woman was much younger than his wife, and it was later determined that she was actually a topless dancer from a local strip club. The woman that hired us made her husband get a test for sexually transmitted diseases, which he ultimately failed. She was extremely upset that her husband not only cheated on her, but that he jeopardized her health in the process. This type of activity is common among cheaters. If you are in doubt, make sure you check it out.

3. A man hired us to follow his wife. We tailed her from her place of employment and she met up with another woman. She went into the other woman’s apartment where they stayed for about an hour. When they exited they both drove in the same vehicle to a bar. When we followed them into the bar, we realized once inside that it was a lesbian bar. We witnessed both girls holding hands, dancing and kissing. When we showed the video to the husband, he started crying and couldn't believe that his wife was dating another woman on the side. They both went to counseling to try and save the marriage.

4. Many cheating spouse investigations in Michigan take place on the water. Michigan has many lakes, and cheaters in Michigan feel safe on the water. They feel that nobody can see them. They are totally wrong. We recently conducted a cheating spouse case in Michigan where a man told his wife he was going golfing. The problem is…he forgot his golf clubs. She pretended not to notice and waited for the next time he said he was going “golfing.” We followed the husband to a marina where he got on a boat with another woman and sailed off. We were able to get in our own boat and follow them to an area where people raft off. We took about three hours of video of the both of them engaged in all types of sexual behavior. This video was enough for the wife to file for divorce.

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